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Constitution of Kosovo believes in freedom and media plurality. Though financially, the media market in Kosovo is pretty small, still it has varieties despite being such a small country. Print media market includes eight daily newspapers: “Koha Ditore”, “Kosova Sot”, “ Zëri”, “Tribuna”, “ Epoka e Re”, “Lajm”, “Bota Sot” and “Bota Press”. All the newspapers in Kosovo are self-financed. Some of them depend on advertising and subscriptions. There isn’t any specific censorship and the Kosovo media is permitted to complete press freedom and freedom of expression. The country’s newspaper hesitates to reveal about the circulation and many of them run due to commercial and government publicity.

Television is the main source of information and news for most of the Kosovo people. It was first introduced in 1975 and today, around 92% of the households have a television. There are 21 television stations with both public and private broadcasters in Kosovo. The only public broadcaster is RTK which broadcasts channels like “RTK 1”, “RTK 2”, “RTK Sat” etc. Private televisions with national coverage are “Koha Vision television (KTV)”, “Television 21 (TV21)”, “Klan Kosova” and “Rrokum TV”.

The number of Radio stations in Kosovo is 83. There are 45 radio stations broadcasting in Albanian, 25 in Serbian, and 3 in Bosnian languages. There are six national radio channels like Radio Kosova (part of RTK), Radio Blue Sky, Radio 21, Radio Dukagjini, and Radio K4 (broadcasted in both Albanian and Serbian language) and five regional-coverage channels (Radio BESA, Radio Drenasi 92.1, Radio HELIX, Radio MITROVICA, and Radio PULS – the latter in Serbian). The Kosovo people mostly prefer listening to local radios rather than national radios.

The Internet is also an important source for the Kosovo people. Around 84% have the access to the Internet. The first authorizations for Internet services by private providers were issued in 2005. The audience mostly depends on online media or they see them live on any social networking site.

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