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The press is heavily biased in Montenegro. Journalists and media services run quite high risks in case of running any story or publishing any material that goes against the government or the political party in power. Biasness is everywhere among the media services. Some might say even the media are corrupted to some extent.

The risks aforementioned can extend even up to life-threatening for some. Even though the controlling government directly or indirectly enforces its influence on the media, a certain group from Europe is proposing certain rules pertaining to Journalists following some basic work ethics, morals and fairness. The government controls, funds and runs the national radio and television channel.

For a population of about half a million, the country has about 19 television stations, 5 daily print newspapers, 53 radio stations and so on. It has quite a stand on the media scene. Although about the news media, the journalists and editors’ alliances towards parties are always shifting towards a ruling political party.

Although officially they appear to be independent and unbiased, their actions prove otherwise. In this circumstance, the public can rely on the internet. Internet consumption is moderate, about 60 per cent or more, of the entire population, has internet connectivity. A lot of the foreign-owned media aside from the state-owned once, are also biased more towards the government, ruling party. Even though the privately owned ones are supposed to be more independent and true, they are practically owned by the businessmen who serve their own interest through the media too.

The revenue stream from media is not quite strictly outlined and many people take ill-advantage of it. For example, there’s no specific ruling or law for controlling any kind of advertising in these media, which is one very important source of income for these media outlets, and as such no way to enforce a clean service to the public for healthy consumption of news and entertainment. Although all of the bad sides of the media industry here has a very real reason too.

The journalist and the people in this industry are paid incredibly poorly. To sustain their own life day to day is very nearly impossibly difficult. Although a lot of them do show incredible loyalty and ethics, a good fraction resort is biased and favouring those who are paying more and opening up a good source of income for these journalists’ survival.

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