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The Romanian media is very progressive. The television, magazines and newspapers are all are all operated by both state-owned and for-profit corporations. Print media in Romania is vibrant. The number of publications is pretty higher compared to other countries. In 2007, The National Institute of Statistics (NIS) counted up to 300 newspaper publishers, of which 159 are dailies and over 350 magazine publishers. Some of the newspapers are Adevarul , Evenimentul Zilei , Romania Libera etc. There are also some tabloid newspapers like Click!, Libertatea etc.

Television in Romania is the most popular media. A small number of corporations owns the TV channels. There are both localised and franchised TV channels like HBO, MTV, Cinemax, AXN, Cartoon Network etc. There is only one public broadcaster known as Televiziunea Română (TVR) which broadcasts only five channels: TVR 1, TVR 2, TVR 3, TVR Cultural and TVR Info. Now the number of cable TV is more significant than broadcast TV in Romania. In 2007, 79% of all households used to watch television through a CATV network. The number of cable subscribers is 3,532,480.

The first private radio stations in Romania appeared in 1990. Now there are more than 100 of them. Public Radio Romania operates national, regional and local stations. FM stations are run by both private and public sector and private is the more dominant in the market. By 2009, about 700 licenses got approved from the National Broadcasting Council. Getting fund from advertising revenues, the most popular private networks are Radio Zu (Intact), Radio 21 (Lagardere), ProFM (CME), Kiss FM (ProSiebenSat1).

The public company Radio România manages five national stations: Radio România Actualităţi (news), Radio România Cultural (culture and arts), Radio România Muzical (music), Radio Antena Satelor (farming and rural communities), and Radio 3Net – “Florian Pittiş” (a youth station broadcasting online).

The number of Romanian individuals with Internet access is 800,000. In a 2014 survey, it was found out that more than 50% of the population used the Internet. The most popular and trending social networking site is Facebook. Apart from this, Newspapers’ websites are the primary sources of information online.

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