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Among all the media of Slovakia, the most popular and trusted press is the television. About 63% of the political information and national political issues are obtained from the television media. 80% of the Slovakian population watches TV. There are 38 television stations. The public service broadcast is divided into two units.

The first unit is called Jednotka which broadcasts channels related to general information, education, and entertainment/sports. Another one is called Dvojka which is focusing on more educated viewers and specific groups of viewers such as ethnic and religious minorities, and socio-professional groups such as soldiers or fishers. TA3 is the first and only cable and satellite 24-hour television news channel in Slovakia. It started broadcasting in September 2001. There are also other channels like TV8, TVA, TV LUX, Arena Sport 1, Arena Sport 2, etc.

Print media is the least popular in Slovakia. Only 19 percent respondents read daily newspapers. The Slovakia print media is uncensored. It offers a great variety of opinions. Also, the Constitution provides for freedom of the press. The number of daily newspapers is 29, and non-daily newspapers are 2. There is two most popular tabloid newspaper; those are Nový čas (New Time) and JEDEN DEŇ (One More Day).

The oldest Slovak weekly newspaper is Catholic weekly Katolícke noviny, published for some 160 years. There are also some other newspapers like Pravda (Truth), Sme (We Are), Denník N (Daily N) and business/economic daily Hospodárske noviny (Economy Newspaper).

The radio market was more diverse than the television market. The number of radio stations is 95. The first public radio channel is Rádio Slovensko. There are also other radio channels like Fun radio, Sme rodina, etc. Some of the radio channels are owned by political parties, and Fun radio is one of them.

The number of individuals with internet access is 650,000. The Internet is used daily or almost daily by 53 percent of the population, but significantly more often by younger generations. Facebook is the source of news for the Slovaks. The number of percentage of Facebook users lies between 51-57%. Also, there is an online version of newspapers for which the Slovak people are dependent on the internet.

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