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Media in Spain is national and political. It has the same category of media as other countries: print, broadcast and social media. Censorship was the main feature of all Spanish culture. The press, literature, and the cinema were heavily censored during the time of the Franco government. Then in 1978, the prior censorship was outlawed by the Constitution.

There are 136 daily newspapers and ten non-daily newspapers, and the consumption rate is very low, i.e. 18 minutes per day. The circulation rate has also decreased. The main newspapers are the national ones, but there are also a few regional papers. All the newspapers are published in the Spanish language. The newspaper of greatest circulation is El País. It was first found in Madrid in 1976. Currently, the newspaper has gone through a drastic fall in the circulation. There are another three national general information newspapers based in Madrid: El Mundo (founded in 1989), ABC (founded in 1903) and La Razón (founded in 1998).

Television in Spain was first launched in 1956. It was analogue terrestrial television. Televisión Española (now La 1) was the very first regular television channel and operated alone until 1966 when a second channel (now La 2) was launched. More channels were launched in the 1980s. There are 224 television stations in Spain. The rate of consumption of television is pretty high which is 222 minutes per day. After analogue terrestrial television, digital terrestrial television took over the place. It was introduced in the country by the pay per view platform Quiero Television. A few public Television stations are Le Rioja, Navarre, TV Canaria, CMM TV etc.

Radio is one of the major sources of information and entertainment for the Spanish people. There are four main stations: Cadena SER, Cope, Onda Cero and Radio Nacional de España among the 924 radio stations. The rate of radio consumption is 95 minutes per day, and the rate is always growing or decreasing. According to the EGM, in March 2016 the radio in Spain reached the figure of 25.9 million daily listeners, of which 11.4 million consumed generalist radio and 14.5 million specialised radio (mainly musical).

The number of Spanish individuals with internet access is 5,388,000. Basically, the internet is used for social networks the most as it has taken up millions of Spanish users. In 2016, the Spanish market was led by Facebook, with more than 21 million registered users and 88 per cent penetration. Instagram (41 per cent) overtook Twitter (39 per cent) as the second most used social network. Other popular social networks were LinkedIn (26 per cent), Pinterest (15 per cent) and Snapchat (9 per cent).

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