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The Swedish media is known to be very democratic and robust with a firm press, strong political parallelism, a high degree of professionalization and an active state role in media policymaking. There is a steady decline of printed newspapers, but circulation is still relatively high compared to other countries. There are 93 daily newspapers and 74 non-daily newspapers. Most newspapers are subscription-based, locally or regionally. The government funds the Swedish press through press support. The press law ensures freedom of the news and offers critiques of social and governmental policies within the limits of the Freedom of the Press Act and relevant constitutional rights to freedom of speech. Some of the notable newspapers are Expressen, Bonnier AB, Dagens Nyheter, evening newspaper Aftonbladet, etc.

In Sweden, there is about 169 television station.There are about 4600000 television sets and the number of cable subscribers 1773770. Royal Institute of Technology started television trials in 1954. The official broadcast began in 1956. The public broadcaster Sveriges Radio was the broadcaster. In 1969 second channel, TV2 and third Channel TV4 came in 1991. In late 70’s SR(Sveriges Radio) was split into four different companies. Sveriges Television (SVT) is responsible for broadcasting. In 1987 the first commercial channel, TV3 started broadcasting from London via satellite until then SVT and its two-channel dominated television for a more extended period. A law in 1984 allowed for the reception of satellite broadcasts through cable. Some of the Swedish TV channels are SVT1, SVT2, TV3, Kanal5, Eurosport, etc.

The first radio transmission in Sweden was in 1921. In the radio market, the public service company Sveriges Radio (Swedish Radio) is the dominant actor which is funded through the same fee that is collected for television sets. SR has four national channels: P1, P2, P3, and P4. There are 267 radio stations in Sweden, and the consumption rate is 129 minutes per day. On an average day, 70 percent of the population listens to the radio, and the rate has been constant for the past few decades. Some of the Radio stations are Rix FM, Mix Megapol, Vinyl 107, Rockklassiker and many more.

Internet penetration is high in Sweden. The number of individuals with computers is 4,500,000. About 95 percent of the population has access to the internet. Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are the most used networks. Snapchat and Twitter are also widely used but are most popular among the young generation.

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