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Sydney Australia
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Iran Herald is an online news-portal which gives news updates and current affairs of Iran.

The portal also provides elaborate news about the image of Iran around the world. Anyone being interested in Iran can visit Iran Herald from the country and anywhere in the world. The online has category Iranian news, international headlines, middle east news, business reports, movie reviews and news releases. It claims that it Provides frank and unbiased news content on the country. It also features light-heartened content such as reader polls and daily quotes.

Its head office is at Sydney, Australia; however it has working journalists in big cities in Iran.  

Iran Herald has so many Regional based news papers. Such as- Arab Herald, Asia Bulletin, Herald Globe, Mediterranean Times, Middle East Star, Iraq Sun, Israel Herald, The US News. Including Iran Herald all these sites are administered under Midwest Radio Network.

Iran Herald is very active in various social media. In Facebook 1,552 people like its page, and 1,551 people follow it.

Alexa Traffic Rank shows that global rank of Iran Herald is 4,434,778. The readers are mostly from Israel.

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