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Washington DC USA
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Iran Times is an Iranian News-portal published outside Iran.

Head Office is at Washington DC, established in 1970 and run by Iran Times Corporation. Its current editor and publisher is Javad Khakbaz‬. Besides online version it has broadsheet version. It was basically a weekly, published every‭ ‬Friday and‭ ‬distributed ‬in‭ ‬the‭ ‬United‭ ‬States‭, ‬Canada‭, ‬Europe‭, ‬the‭ ‬Middle‭ ‬East‭ ‬and Far‭ ‬East‭.‬  The language of the both version is English. People who migrated from Iran and living in these areas ‬are regular ‬readers ‬of  ‬Iran ‬Times.‬

Iranian politics, government, economy, social issues, culture are the subjects of Iran Times. And all the news are published with their view points. It also publishes political articles with editorial commentaries. Its writers can express their views in the op-eds.

Most of the readers are educated, university graduates, physicians and professionals. Iran‭ ‬Times‭ ‬arranges ‬political‭ ‬and‭ ‬social‭ ‬debates‭ ‬among‭ ‬Iranian‭ ‬nationals‭.‬

The authority claims that their media ‬is‭ ‬an‭ ‬independent one and has ‬no‭ ‬affiliation ‬with‭ political ‬parties.

Alexa Traffic Rank shows that the global rank of Iran Times is 2,541,997.




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