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San Francisco, USA
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Payvand Iran News is a news portal providing news of Iran and Iranians from United States. It was established in Silicon Valley, San Francisco in 1995 to publish news to Iranian issues. However the portal has representatives in Iran who cover events and get published here. As an Iranian-American portal Payvand focuses on issues of importance to the Iranian communities abroad.

“Payvand” is a Persian word standing for “joining together”. The authority says that their mission is to upheld the positive image of Iran to the world, as the mainstream media had been portraying a very negative perspective of the country. The authority also claims that Payvand is an independent news site and has no political affiliation.

The English language site has various category of news. Such as- politics, business & economy, energy & oil, sports, art, film & music, society & culture, travel, environment and geography, heritage & history, literature & books, science & education. It also publishes commentary articles on Iranian government, politics, foreign policies and economics.

Alexa Traffic Rank shows that the global rank of Payvand is 2,35,533 and the rank in USA is 84,230. 41% readers are from USA, 14.4% from Iran. Rest of visitors are from Canada, UK and India.

In Facebook 1,619 people like its page and it has 1,580 followers.

In Twitter 30,075 people are seen to follow the page.

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