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The Iranian is a US based Iranian web-portal. It can be called an online magazine. The Iranian was founded in 1995. It is a specialized online news portal to tell the story of the Iranian Diaspora.


The magazine gives news, buzz, events, opinions and more for the Iranian diaspora.The Iranian publishes news categorically on art and literature, business, lifestyle, history, human rights, politics, religion, science and technology, sports. And its language is English. The readers are western people who had migrated from Iran.

The Iranian is a writing platform of so many eminent Iranian scholars residing outside Iran.  Prominent Iranian poet Aboli Moezzi, famous short story writer Afsan Azadi, political commentator Kaveh Afrasiabi, scholar Jasmin Darznik, Iranian-American writer Behrouz Bahmani among others write their posts on the Iranian.

Alexa Traffic Rank says that, the global rank of the Iranian is 264,118, and the rank in USA is 130,562. 25% readers are from USA, 24% are from Canada. The rest of the readers are from Germany, UK and India. The data shows the magazine is not popular enough in Iran.

The Iranian is found very active and popular in social media. In Facebook 5,354 people like its page and it has 5,539 followers. In Twitter it has 980 followers.

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