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VOA(Voice of America) is one of few renowned news service in the world. Their  news network is world wide. The US funded news agency run their VoA Persian in 1979 to attract the Persian speaking Iranian people. They claim that their weekly audience is 12% of population of Iran.

They have TV, Radio, Online version news services. The giant news agency is very active in social media either like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.

TV Programming: 6 hours per day of original programming, repeated on a 24-hour cycle.

In their language- “VOA Persian is one of the leading international news broadcasters in Iran. Nearly one-in-four adults in Iran watch VOA Persian weekly for in-depth coverage of American, Iranian, and international developments. Programs can be accessed on direct-to-home satellite, streaming sites, and a host of social media platforms. VOA Persian remains the U.S. government’s only means of direct communication with the people of Iran, who have limited access to free media.”


NewsHour  : A flagship news program that delves into the top stories of the day, with debriefs from VOA Persian beat reporters and in-depth reports from VOA’s newsroom.  

Straight Talk  : Audience engagement show driven by social media. Topics range from the news of the day to current social media trends.

Late Edition  : Aimed at a younger demographic, this program features entertainment from Hollywood, movie reviews and music.

New Horizon : Discussion show with live interviews involving guests and experts from around the world examining the major topics of the day.

Last Page : Hour-long program highlighting the news-makers of the week – who they are, what they said and why it is important.

 Tablet: Prime-time show focuses on cultural and social issues involving young people in Iran and the United States.

Alexa Traffic Rank is 3135.

all media link

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