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Afarinesh is a conservative newspaper in Iran. It was published in 2002. The headquarter of the paper is in Tehran and it’s language is Persian. The Persian word Afarinesh ” آفرینش” means “creation”

The paper is a spacial one which maintains ties with the Islamic Azad University. Afarinesh is described as researchers’ online hub as it publishes journals on various issues. University students who can conduct research can publish their articles in this paper.   Their utmost emphasis on university news provides news needed for students, teachers and academics. However the paper covers others news also. It has pages like- politics, knowledge, medicine, provinces, energy, economy, social issues, sports etc.

Though the paper is pro-government, it’s managing director was convicted by the press court for “publishing false reports with the intention of disturbing the public opinion” in 2010.

Alexa traffic rank says the global rank of Afarinesh is 3,82,414 and the rank in Iran is 17,432.

88.7% of the total visitors are from Iran.

Daily page-views per visitor is 1.20.

The keyword ” آفرینش” or “creation” is mostly used to search the news of this webpage.  People visit immediately before Afarines site.

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