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Aftab Yazd  is said to be one of the spokesman of Association of Combatant Clerics, the organization of reformists. Former President Mohammad Khatami was the leading member of the organization. The Tehran based paper started in August 2000. The language of the paper is Persian and focuses on political, cultural, social and economic news.

The publisher of the paper is Seyed Mojtaba Vahedi, who is an Iranian reformist activist, journalist, and senior advisor to Mehdi Karroubi. He was editor-in-chief of the paper from 2000 until January 2010, when he resigned to keep the newspaper from being closed.

Aftab-e Yazd is Persian word meaning “the sun of Yazd”. Their ideology is believed to reformist and they had to suffer for this. In June 2005, before the 2005 presidential election, the paper along with another one, Eqbal, published the letter of presidential candidate Mahdi Karroubi to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Due to this publication both papers were banned for one day by Tehran Public and Revolutionary Court. The daily was also temporarily ceased in June 2009 following the presidential elections. In December 2009 it was again warned by the ministry of culture for publishing “divisive” material.

The Newspaper has online version too.

Alexa Traffic Ranking says that, the global rank of the paper is 1,29,354 and the rank in Iran is 3,973. The online viewers are mostly from Iran covering 93%. The data shows that readers from USA and Canada also visit the online version of the paper.

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