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Arman Daily is one of the most popular newspapers in Iran. The headquarter of the media is in Tehran. Their language is Persian. The daily paper covers every event happening in Iran.  Their main focus is current political affairs. They also give emphasis on social issues, economy, culture and art, health, morality. The paper has also page on international news.

They are also active in social media. 2,618 people like their Facebook page. They have  2,618 followers.

They are active in Instagram and 21000 people follow their news in this media.

Arman Daily also update their Twitter page. In Telegram, they are active also.

If someone wants to contact them, he/she can use this address-

As per Alexa Traffic Ranks the global rank of Arman daily is 80,200 and the rank in Iran is 2,221.

Alexa also shows that 89.7% viewers of this media are from Iran. Visitors from Germany, United States of America and United Kingdom also browse their page.

Daily page views per visitor is 3.30.

The key word “روزنامه آرمان” or “Arman Newspaper” is mostly used to find out the page. And most visitor use to reach their website.

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