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Etemaad is one of the very few reformist newspapers in Iran. Etemad is a Persian word and stands for “trust”. The daily was established in 2002. Though it is not very old one, the newspaper has already been able to make its readers by their sincerity and commitment. The authenticity of their information has made wave in young readers. However they have readers of all ages.

The Tehran based paper publishes in Persian. And daily circulation is about 24,000 Daily (2015).

Elias Hazrati, a reformist, Iranian politician and former military officer is the owner of the paper. This renowned person had served as a member of the Parliament of Iran from 1989 until 2004. Elias has been serving as editor-in-chief of the paper. 

Due to the strictness and reformist ideology the paper faced difficulties and had to shut down in 2010. As they published a story on the reaction to the emergence of a film showing the police attack on Tehran university on June, just three days after the Iranian presidential election, 2009. However the ban was temporal.

They have online version also. and their web address is

Alexa traffic rank says that the global rank of Etemaad is 1,20,562 and rank in Iran is 3,105. 87.8% of their viewers are from Iran. However they have visitors in Germany, Canada and United States of America. Daily page views per visitor is more or less 4.40.

We can see that most people use the keyword etemad newspaper “روزنامه اعتماد” to go to their page.


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