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Hamshahri is a influential daily newspaper in Iran. The language of the Tehran based media is Persian. The Daily Hamshahri  is said to be the first colored daily, and has 60 pages. The readers are mostly from Tehran as the paper  is distributed within the limits of Tehran municipality. According to a survey the circulation of the Daily is nearly 5,40,000(2015), which is on par with major US-American daily newspapers. Based on the results of a domestic poll of how citizens of Tehran view television and print media which were released by Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance Hamshahri was the most read daily in Tehran with 44.1% in March 2014.

Hamshahri was founded in 15 December 1992, and the owner of the newspaper is the municipality of Tehran. In 1997’s Iranian presidential election, Hamshahri newspaper, then run by former mayor of Tehran, Gholamhossein Karbaschi, was accused by the conservatives of supporting Mohammad Khatami. This was seen as illegal, as papers receiving government subsidy were forbidden for the allegation of taking sides in the elections. The issue eventually led to Karbaschi being put on trial on grounds of embezzlement and was sent to prison. During Khatami’s second term, Tehran press court ruled that the newspaper can only be distributed inside Tehran.

The media has online version. Alexa Traffic Ranking says that the global rank of this media is 9835 and rank in Iran is 209.

Their viewers of their online version are mostly from Iran. But the readers from USA, Germany, Afghanistan and Austria are found to browse hamshahri online very often.

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