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Iran Varzeshi is one of the famous sports newspaper in Iran. Its headquarter is in Tehran and the paper is published in the Persian.

They are very keen to focus on Iranian sports. Records show that their emphasis on their football draw the attention of the viewers. However they cover international sports.

The daily newspaper is a national one. They have both print and online version. However they are not found strong enough in virtual media.

Their website says that they very often conduct various surveys on Iranian sports, and the data shows that they get huge response.

Alexa Traffic Rank says the global rank of the paper is 219,315 and rank in Iran- 7,809.

87.8% visitors are from Iran. Some people from USA and United Arab Emirates  are found to visit the online version of Iran Varzeshi.

Daily page views per visitor is 3.20.

The key word “Iran Sporting” or “ایران ورزشی” is used to trace the website. And 33.2% browsers are seen to use “” to find the web portal.

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