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Jame-jam is a national daily newspaper and basically the spokesman of the government of Iran. The government established the newspaper in 29th March,2000 had its first issue on 29 April. All the workforce is appointed by the government itself. Current editor is Morad Enadi.

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting is responsible to publish the paper. The authority has been doing this job to circulate the vision of the government. Panorama is one of its supplements and the first weekly English newspaper of the country. The paper focuses on cultural and social news.

The head office of the Newspaper is at Davoudieh, Mirdamad Boulevard, Tehran. They claimed that their circulation is nearly 90,000 daily. The only language of the paper is the Persian.

The public newspaper also maintains online version and its language is the Persian too.

According to Alexa Traffic Rank the global rank of the paper is 5,317 and in Iran 122.

The 93% of total online viewers are from Iran. But result shows that some people from USA, UK, Germany and Afghanistan also browse the online version of Jame-Jam.


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