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Khabar Jonoub is an Iranian newspaper. The morning daily newspaper is published from Tehran and southern part of Iran seperately. However it has journalists and correspondents in various provinces and big cities in Iran. Its language is Persian.

“Khabar jonoub” are the Persian words stand for south news. The paper emphasizes to cover the news of the southern provinces and cities of Iran. It has spacial page for southern areas’ news namely “South”. With this one Khabor Jonoub has 32 pages. It publishes news of every categories. Such as- political, culture & art, sports, gate, book, economic, accidents, tourism, mirror of the media, international, entertainment etc.

The political attachment of the media is unclear, however it abides by all the media rules issued by the authority.

Alexa Traffic Rank says that the global rank of Khabar Jonoub is 27,96,249 and the rank in Iran 57,641. 100% readers are from Iran. Daily page views per visitor is 3.00.

Khabar Jonoub is not very active on its web page. However it gives update news very often.

Khabar Jonoub is active in social media like, Instagram  and Telegram with some followers.



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