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Shargh is one of the few reformist newspapers in Iran. The paper is said to be very popular among open minded readers for its anti-government stance.

Shargh was established in 2003. by  Mehdi Rahmanian. Its founding chief editor was Mohammad Ghouchani. Ahmad Gholami is the current editor.

The word “Shargh” means “East”. The Tehran based newspaper’s language is Persian. Their circulation is 30,000 daily. They have online version.

Politics, economics, social issues, diplomacy, world news etc are working and covering area of the Shargh. But their main focus is political news and current affairs. As the paper belongs to reformist ideology it faced a lot of difficulties. It was banned several times by the hardliner government, judiciary and the press authority.

On 4 February 2004, the publication was suspended for publishing an open letter from some members of the outgoing parliament to Ayatollah Khamenei; saying that a non-professional act to publish “offensive” texts.

Shargh was shut down again on 11 September 2006 by the Iranian government, for their ideology. The paper was to face the same situation in August 2007 again for publishing an interview of Iranian-Canadian poet Saghi Ghahraman. The interview was viewed as counter-revolutionary and immoral by the press directory.

Alexa Traffic Rank says the global rank of 26,738; while rank in Iran is 675. 87.4% of their readers are from Iran. However people from various countries like USA, Germany, Austria and Denmark are seen to follow the web page of Shargh.

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