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The Tehran Times is the English daily newspaper, which was established to air the voice of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 . The daily’s policy was based on Ayatollah Beheshti’s statement: “The Tehran Times is not the newspaper of the government; it must be a loud voice of the Islamic Revolution and the loudspeaker of the oppressed people of the world”.

And for this reason Tehran Times makes a special effort to publish reports on cultural and religious issues. For Islamic ceremonies and religious occasions, the culture and arts page is dedicated to the event. To make the content more colorful, additional stories on Iran’s tourist attractions, women’s issues, children’s issues, and the Internet are also included and those interested can read them on special pages every week.

The authority says that Tehran Times is attracting readers from over 80 different countries.  The 16 pages newsstands has pages like Society, Economy, Politics, Sports and Culture. They  cover domestic, political, social, foreign, and sports news and include commentary.

The authority claims that The Tehran Times is a reliable news source for foreign media outlets as well as envoys from different countries based in Tehran, who read it to know what’s running in the country. Since the beginning of Iranian calendar year 1390 (March 21, 2011) all the newspaper’s pages are printed in color.

Hassan Lasjerdi is the editor of theTehran Times. Alexa Traffic Rank is 89,582 and Traffic Rank in Iran 3,894.

In 2002, Tehran Times established a news agency namely Mehr News Agency (MNA). Ali Asgari is the managing director of the Tehran Times and Mehr News Agency since May 2014. 

They have decided to expand the activities of the newspaper by publishing it in some foreign countries. For example, efforts have been made to publish 2000 print versions of the newspaper in Malaysia.



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