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Qum Tehran
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Entekhab is an influential Persian online news portal in Iran. The word Entekhab stants for Choice. It had been a Persian language newspaper founded in 1991. And had been published in Iran till 2004. Nevertheless, its news website is active under the name of “Entekhab Professional News Site” (, only working in Persian language.

Entekhab was founded by Mohammad Mahdi Faghihi, a close advisor to Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, and a board member on The Islamic Propagation Office of the Islamic Seminary of Qom, in 1991. Taha Hashemi was the editor-in-chief of the paper. The daily had a conservative stance and was based in Qum. 

Khamenei ordered the paper to close down shortly after its start. Although it was reopened later, the paper was banned in 2004.  However the authority of the paper was allowed to operate online version.

Alexa Traffic Rank is 4231. Traffic Rank in Iran is 94. Most readers(almost 92%) are Iranians. However in various countries USA, Germany and UK people are found to visit the page very often.

The headquarter is at Qum in Iran. However they maintain their bureau office in major cities in the country.


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