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ICANA News Agency is a state-owned news agency in Iran. The agency started its journey in 2009. To be specific, The Islamic Consultative Assembly also called the Iranian Parliament, the Iranian Majlis,the national legislative body, is the owner of the news agency and responsible for its activities. The government established ICANA to cover a variety of political, social, economic, culture and social issues. The agency covers all international news carefully.

Hardhearted in Tehran Icana is published in both Persian  and English. The house is peopled with 20 journalists.


According to Alexa Traffic Ranks the global rank of Icana is 32,446 and the rank in Iran is 767.

96.8% of the total visitors are from Iran. 1.3% visitors from United States of America are seen to visit the page on regular base.

Daily page-views per visitor is 4.73.

The keyword “خانه ملت” or statehouse is mostly used to find out the page.

The most visitors used to reach the webpage of Icana.

However the state owned news agency is found not interested in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Telegram.





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