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Iran Emrooz is an Iranian political online magazine. It was established in 1998. From first day it is web-based and does not have print version. The language of the media is Persian.

The authority claims that Emrooz is run by a non-profit organization and is not affiliated with any political parties.  It wants to ensure human rights, democratic practices. It tries to raise voice to separate the institution from religion and power. The online tries to stop any kind of violence also.

It gives occasional news of Iranian politics, law and order, culture & literature and environment. It is basically a commentary site. People of different arena express their views in this magazine. The op-eds published here is very popular.

Alexa Traffic Rank says that the global rank of the Iran Emrooz is 2,35,372 and the rank in Iran is 39,567. The readers are mostly Germany-24.5%. The rest of visitors are from Sweden, USA, Iran, UK.

It is active in social media like Facebook and Twitter.

The daily page views per visitor is 1.90.

The sites people visited immediately before this site are, etc.

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