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If anyone wants to know Iraq, Iran or middle east countries; he/she should read Iran Focus, a portal that gives news and current affairs. The portal carries an elaboration of the news as well with excellency. Iran Focus is a news website which identifies itself as a “non-profit news service provider that focuses on events in Iran, Iraq, and the Middle East.”

Originally Iran Focus was a politically independent monthly hard copy newsletter on contemporary Iran that was started in October 1988 by the UK-based consultancy firm Menas Associates. When it was discovered that the Iranian opposition MKO had created the Iran Focus website, and in order to end any confusion, Menas ceased production in July 2005 and merged its monthly Iran Focus and fortnightly Iran Energy Focus into a new electronic monthly called Iran Strategic Focus which is only available by universal corporate subscription and includes the Iranian Oil Sector Organisational Charts and Tables, plus a Project Tracker database, which are also updated each month.

Critics state that the website is one of the web outlets of the MKO, a group identified as a terrorist organization by United States, Canada and European Union. However they managed to convince high courts their innocence and came out of the proscribed organization list.

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