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Iran Review basically is an Iranian online magazine owned by an non-government organization. It provides specific and important news and follow-up the current affairs in Iran and in world. The organization says that it is an independent and non-partisan online platform.

Iran Review publishes current situation of Iranian politics, shows the effects of politics among people and experts. It also publishes commentary articles on Iranian government and politics. The writers and experts elaborate every important subject with their view points.

Its headquarter is in Tehran and the language is English.

The magazine also explains the social, economic, foreign policy, religious  and cultural affairs of Iran with expertise articles. International issues are also discussed here. It has spacial page for nuclear program.

The magazine arranges dialogue, debate and seminars to discuss a special topic. It also publishes interviews of professional in different fields.

The web based magazine has some other important pages like, what others think, what officials say, Iranian’s achievement, Iran’s heritage, about Iran, book review etc.


According to Alexa Traffic Rank, the global rank of Iran Review is 5,17,869 and the rank in Iran is 38,095.

Among all readers 29.5% are Iranian. 6.8% are from United States and 4.9% from India.

Daily page views of the magazine is 1.40.

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