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The Islamic Republic News Agency-IRNA, the official news agency of the Islamic Republic of Iran, funded and controlled by the  government under the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.  The Managing Director of IRNA is Mohammad Khodaddi. IRNA has 60 offices in Iran and 30 more in various countries around the world.

Their main languages are Persian and English. However they publish news in other languages also.

The national news Agency was established in 1934, in the name of Pars Agency by the Foreign Ministry of Iran (Persia) as the country’s official national news outlet. Pars Agency published a bulletin twice daily in French and Persian, which it circulated among government officials, international news agencies in Tehran and the local press. In May 1940, the General Tablighat Department was founded and the agency then became an affiliate of the department. Agence France Press (AFP) was the first international news agency whose reports Pars Agency used. Gradually, the Iranian news agency expanded its sources of news stories to include those of Reuters, the Associated Press (AP) and the United Press International (UPI). An agreement with the Anatolia News Agency of Turkey further expanded the agency’s news outlets to countries worldwide. The link-up also enabled it to provide classified bulletins to a limited number of high-ranking public officials.

In 1954, the Pars Agency was  modernized leading to expanded news coverage, improved professional services and a better-educated staff. It went on air with radio broadcasts of international news translated into Persian, which it offered to local subscribers. The agency went through ups and downs and faced turmoil till the Iranian Revolution in 1979. In this year Pars News Agency was renamed as the Islamic Republic News Agency.

IRNA’s professional activities are aimed at securing Iranian national interests. Efforts of management and professional personnel of IRNA are thus focused on achieving higher ground each day in fulfillment of its stated goal. The organization functions as the “mother source of information dissemination” within the country.

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