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Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting –IRIB is one of the largest media organization in Asia. Basically IRIB is responsible to circulate the voice and vision of the government  Iran. The giant media do this task perfectly in home and abroad. They have three versions. Broadcast radio, was established in 1926; in 1958 they got television. They have online version as well. This institution was called National Iranian Radio and Television until the Iranian revolution of 1979. It is a regular member of Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union.

IRIB is only liable to Iranian government and its head is appointed directly by the supreme leader. Abdulali-Ali-Asgari is current director general while Ali Darabi is the vice director.  The institution has about 13,000 employees and branches in 20 countries worldwide. Among those USA, UK, France, Belgium and Malaysia are mention-able.

IRIB has both domestic and foreign radio and television services, broadcasting 12 domestic television channels, 4 international news television channels, six satellite television channels for international audiences, and 30 provincial television channels available countrywide. The IRIB provides twelve radio stations for domestic audiences and through the IRIB World Service thirty radio stations are available for foreign and international audiences.

The language of IRIB in Iran is Persian. But they use other languages in world service program. Arabic, Hindi, English and Spanish are among them.

According to Alexa Traffic Rank, the global rank of this media is 2789, and in Iran 50. They also show that 93% of the audiences are local Iranians.

IRIB publishes a Persian-language newspaper namely Jaam-e Jam.

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