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Khabor Online is an Iranian news portal. Though the authority claims to be impartial and independent, the media house is very close to Iran’s moderate conservatives.  It is said to be the most visited web portal in Iran.  Launched in 2009, Khabor Online has a strong position in Iranian media.

The headquarter of the media is at capital city Tehran. It has so many bureau offices in different big cities.

Khabor Online publishes its news in three languages, Persian, Arabic and English. The media provides news and current affairs on various topics. But it gives emphasis on politics, culture and economy. It publishes commentary articles, editorials and op-eds on current political situation and the policies undertaken by the government. Iranian economy is its one of most covered area of journalism.

Managing director of Khabor Online is Alireza Moezi while Mohammad Mohajer and Keyyan Khpyrian are the editors.

Alexa Traffic Ranking says that the global rank of Khabor Online is 2419 and the rank in Iran is 45. 91.7% readers are from Iran. However its page is found to visit in USA, Germany, Canada and UK. Daily page views per visitor is 4.29.

Khabor Online is very active in social media. In Facebook 3,902 people like its page and 3,899 people follow this.
In Twitter it has 37,070 followers and 420 people like the page. It has huge fans in Instagram and in Telegram too.

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