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Basically, Pars Times is a non-profit, non-partisan and independent website, mainly targeted for researchers, scholars and investors. They have a news page as well. But mainly the site aims at providing comprehensive information pertaining to Iran and the Middle East.

They publish research and write-ups and op-eds on Iran- its politics, economics, foreign policy etc. They highlight their suggestive commentary of the experts.

The goal of the general web-guide is to give the public easy access to the best sites on the web. It is a gateway to a variety of free resources available on the internet. The editor has tried to index the sites which posses content of interest to readers of different backgrounds.

There isn’t a fully automated advertising system on the website. But, they allow sponsorship of their popular pages for improvement of their works.

The Tehran based online portal has individual news portal. And it covers news and current affairs nationwide and worldwide. Their focusing areas are business, oil and gas, defence and proliferation, film, book reviews and of course editorials and feature articles.

Alexa traffic ranking says that Pars Times more popular in USA than in Iran. Their global rank is 2,64,557 and rank in USA is 1,00,909.

The data shows that 33.8% of the visitors are from USA while 14.6% are from Iran. However their website is seen to browse in Pakistan, India and Egypt.

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