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Tasnim News Agency is one of newly established and influential private news agency in Iran. It was established in Tehran on November’11, 2012. Its owner is Islamic Ideology Dissemination Organization-IIDO and Majid Gholizadeh is the key person of the media.

Tasnim News is one of the most visited news portal in Iran. Alexa Traffic Rank says that the global rank of Tasnim News is 1,675 and the rank in Iran is 31. 90.5% readers are from Iran. It has visitors in USA, Germany, China and UK.

It has variety of news categories. Such as- political, social, culture, economy, sports, international, media, market, film & picture, graphics & cartoon.

Its headquarter is at Tehran, however it has reporters and correspondents at all provinces and all major cities in Iran. Tasnim News Agency publishes news in four languages- Persian, English, Urdu and Turkish.

The political ideology of the media is conservative. The authority claims that, its aim is to “defend the Islamic Republic against negative media propaganda campaign and providing the readers with real information of Iran and Islam”. Tasnim News Agency is said to have a strong connection with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps-IRGC. 

The online portal is very active in various social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram. In Facebook 20,835 people like its page, and has 20,917 followers.


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