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Bia2 Radio is said to be one of the most popular music entertainment radios in Iran. Bia2 Radio was founded on April’23, 2003 in San Francisco, USA, by Amir PakzadianFounder and Pourya E is the advisor of the company. 

This famous 24 hours live online radio broadcasts popular songs from Persian music hub. The authority even claims that Bia2 Radio is world’s first and largest Iranian music and entertainment media company.

This media is very popular among Iranian of different standards. It plays music of different ages in every specific time. So their audiences cover from all ages of music listeners. It has collection of traditional Persian songs, folk songs, modern songs, rock music, world music. It plays videos on its web-based live streaming. People can learn daily music chart from its website and can request for specific songs.

With this principal duty the media company also organizes many other entertainment programs occasionally.

Alexa shows that the global rank of Bia2 Radio is 58,752 and the rank in USA is 60,777. Most of the audiences are from USA 22.4%.

Bia2 Radio is very active in various social media. In Facebook 870,153 people like its page and followed by 854,483 people. In twitter it has 53,000 followers.

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