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Radio Darvish is said to be one of the prominent radio channel in Iran. Sometimes people call it the virtual museum of the Persian classics.

The station was named after the great classical Persian musician of 19th century, Darvish Khan. Gholam Hossein Darvish Khan was a member of the Aziz Soltan music group. He was very talented in composition. He recorded many works playing Tar and singing. It’s said that he added one string to the Tar to enhance it’s sound.

In slogan Radio Darvish says “music crosses language boundaries and brings people closer to one another.”

This is an independent radio channel and run by the support of the listeners. It is found to seek financial support from audiences to continue its broadcasting.

The entertainment based online radio is designed to give its audiences the best radio experience in and outside of Iran.  With songs of popular and modern artists of Iran and from the whole world Radio Darvish run a website also. Its collection is also very rich with genres Persian, traditional, music etc.

Radio Darvish also maintains a cultural institution namely “Tar School” to promote and preserve Persian classical music through musical education and performance. It gives lessons of various Persian instruments, such as Tar, Setar, Ud, Tombak, Daf, Kamancheh and Santoor. It also works as an academic research of Persian classical and folk music.

Radio Darvish runs an online store also to have its expenditure.

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