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Radio Farda is an Iranian Radio station but its headquarter is at Prague, Czech Republic and the official language is Persian, but it has two other languages-English and Arabic . Radio Farda is was launched on December’2002, under supervision of its parent organization broadcasting board of governors. And it is run by United States Information Agency.

Radio Farda broadcasts news on several times daily and programs 24 hours. And it provides all the programs in different platforms. Such as satellite, AM and shortwave transmissions which can heard from all over the Iran.

Radio Farda provides news and current affairs on several issues. It includes Iranian politics and government and ongoing issues of the world. It broadcasts analytical discussion also.

This radio station has a television show on satellite which provides news every morning.

Radio Farda maintains website. It’s Persian web-portal is one of the most visited news sites in Persian language sites.

Farda is very active in different social media. In Facebook 2,000,325 people like its page, and it has 1,963,637 followers. In twitter is 3,91,000 followers.

Alexa shows that the global rank of Radio Farda 7,500 and the rank in USA is 5,875. It has most audience in USA 22.2%, 11.4% in UK, 11% in Germany, 6.5% in Japan, 6% in Belgium. Daily page view per visitor is 2.54.

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