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Radio Iran Kirn 670 AM is an Iranian online radio station. It is situated in USA. It has two languages; English and Persian. This is one of few Persian language radio station which has got FCC license broadcasting on US airwaves.
Radio Kirn broadcasts  News, programs, music, podcasts. It has news of two categories- National and local news. Anyone can listen Radio Kirn live & online 24 hours everyday.
Alexa Traffic Rank says the global rank of Radio Kirn is 7,47,853 and the rank in USA is 1,61,686. 90% of the total audiences are from USA. The sites and are found to browse to reach the webpage of this radio station.
Radio Kirn is found active in various social media. In Facebook 8,065 people like their page and has 7,879 followers. However it joined another social media Twitter on October,2017; and is found not very active with a very few followers.
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