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Radio Javan is one of the most radio station in Iran. Its head office is at Washing DC, USA. But its official language is Persian.

Radio Javan is basically music station.  This is also the first online radio station in Persian language. It plays Persian music most of the on-air time. Radio Javan plays different songs in other languages also. Among them there are English, middle eastern music and world music, Top 40/pop.

However Radio Javan has another Radio station in Iran. The Tehran based and Persian language station broadcasts news, programs etc.

Radio Javan maintains websites which shows video premieres, different kinds of songs, download options and the charts of DJs. Anyone interested with music of Radio Javan can visit its Facebook page and can stay updated and can know everything casting on radio. Even the fans can put request for music of the specific artists and can put comment.

According to Alexa the global rank of Radio Javan is 12,227; and the rank in USA is 6,925. 28% visitors of th Radio Javan are from USA, 12% from Germany, 9.1% are from UK, 7.4% from Iran and 7.1% visitors are from Canada.

Official Facebook page on Radio Javan is very popular. 1,540,814 people like its page and 1,506,992 people follow it.

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