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IRIB TV2 is one of 32 television channels in Iran. It was launched in 179 immediate after the revolution to meet the peoples’ demand. With most other channels in the country IRIB TV2 is owned by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. The channel is liable and dependent  to the government of the country for everything.

The slogan of the channel is  “Life Channel” and the picture format is still SD.

The headquarter of the channel is at Tehran. Its language is the Persian. It also  attracts the attention of the  Arabic-speaking people due to the broadcast area of the channel is whole middle east.

It has few news bulletin, but could not not draw attention of the viewers with performance as it is a government channel. However it has some popular programs. The program based channel shows TV serials, comedies, movies, kids’ show, talk show and news bulletins.

IRIB TV2 once showed a comedy tv series named Saate Khosh (joyful hour). It was very popular. Directed by Mehran Modiri Saate khosh was telecast 366 episodes from March 1991 to March 1992.
Alexa Traffic Rank shows that the global rank of the channel is 115479 and the rank in Iran is 3291. 
89.8% viewers are from Iran. It has online audience in USA and in Turkey.
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