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Al-Kawthar TV is government channel in Iran. Its headquarter is in Tehran and the language is Arabic. The TV channel was established in 2006, came in on-air in the same year. Though it is a public channel, the specific owner is Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting-IRIB. The recruitment and financial policy is maintained by IRIB itself. The government body instructs which programs should be on-air. It broadcasts various program 20 hours a day.

Al-Kawthar shows programs on religious and cultural issues. The tv channel is assigned to promote Shia Islam. Besides in Iran the channel is watched in the Middle east and Nort Africa peopled by Arabic speaking Shia Muslims.

Al Kawthr was named after name of  the heavenly river Al-Kawthar. Picture format is standard definition(576i, SDTV).

The tv channel has internet based broadcast system too. And it operates this online version in various area of Iran.

In their webpage readers can find news and current affairs.

Alexa Traffic Rank syas the global rank of Al Kawthr is 32,670 and the rank in Iran is 72.

52% visitors are from Iran. It has audiences in Iraq, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt too. The channel is very active in social media too. It has huge response in YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Telegram.

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