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IFilm is one of the best entertainment television channels in Iran. The channel is also very popular around the world. The Tehran based channel was established on September 2010 with a view to present the Iranian films and series to the global audience. It has three languages-Persian, English and Arabic and broadcasts worldwide. The slogan of the channel is “Drama Channel for Families”.

The state-owned channel is run by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting under the leadership of  Mohammad Reza Hatami. It is a 24 hours channel showing Iranian movies, series, shows. It has spacial programs on art, culture, music and tourism. It has some other programs; such as live quizzes on arts, backstage documentaries on films and ongoing productions, movie and film reviews, short films and documentaries about Iran.

IFilm shows series which were already telecast  in various Iranian government channels. Ifilm has a very successful series production, namely Yadavari.

The picture format of the channel is both SD and HD. The channel maintains their website, and updates is regularly. Audience can know their schedules from here.

Alexa Traffic Rank says the global rank of the channel is 93,681 and the rank in Iran is 3,156. The audience are mostly from Iran 78%. However it has visitors in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Germany and Iraq also.

It is found very active in various social media, and has huge followers.


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