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IRIB Quran is a television channel about life, Islam and Quran.  It is one of 32 Iranian TV channels in Iran. It was established in October, 2005 and owned by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. Its language is the Persian and broadcast area is whole world and the picture format is SD.

Headquartered in Tehran, IRIB Quran is assigned to show Islamic programs and to upheld the religious image of Iran worldwide. The 24/7 channel telecasts news, Islamic education and Quran based teaching. It telecasts religious lectures of eminent Islamic scholars, Islamic documentaries etc.

Alexa Traffic Rank shows that the global rank of the channel is 561,134; and the rank in Iran is 17,652.

More or less 95% of the total viewers are from Iran. However its webpage is visited in some other parts of the world.

Its has remarkable fans and followers in various social media. IRIB Quran is found active in Instagram, Twitter and Telegram.

Audience can follow its live streaming in social media. The channel has developed a mobile app to facilitate its viewers.

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