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IRIB TV3 is one of the 32 tv channels in Iran. Its owner is Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and run under TV3 network. Iranian government is responsible to recruit, make policy,  select program subjects of the channel.
It was launched in 1993. It went for broadcast in the same year with the slogan youth channel as the most of the programs are dedicated to sports.
Its head office is in Tehran and the language of the tv is the Persian.
Most of the channel are young ones as it focuses on sports. It covers all the major sport events of Iran. The program-based channel telecasts sports, mini-series, comedies, lifestyle shows, educational programs, art & culture topics, religious shows and films (both foreign and domestic).On August 2016, the channel began broadcast in HD format in Tehran and provincial capitals . And the broadcast area of the channel is Middle East.
The channel has a very popular talk-show namely “Ninety”. The weekly program reviews and analyses events related to Iranian football. The program broadcasts the scenes of the Iranian Premier League, the FA Cup, excerpts from the First Division of the Iranian Football League.
Alexa Traffic Rank shows that global rank of the channel is 19187 and the rank in Iran is 495.
86.4% audience are residing Iranian. However people from Germany, USA, UK, Canada are found to visit the tv channel.
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