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IRIB tv4 is one of the 32 television channel in Iran. It was launched in April 12, 1996, with the slogan “the channel of wisdom”.

Its owner is Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting-IRIB. Iranian government is the lone authority to make every decision of the channel. And it runs by the name “Channel 4”. Gholamreza Gholami is the current manager of this channel.

Its headquarter is in Tehran. The language of channel4 is the Persian and picture format is SD.  The broadcasting area is total Asia.

This is a program dominated channel and known to be a more artistic and academic one. It has news but news is not their main concentration.

The 24-hour channel broadcasts documentaries, academic conferences, interviews with scholars, artistic movies, economic magazines, plays and philosophical discussions.

The channel4 has some popular shows on different topics. Focusing documentaries about Iranian films and TV series it shows a program namely “Yek Film Yek Tajrobe”; and “Charsooye Elm” on documentaries from the western media. It telecasts a program “Marefat” focusing about Islamic philosophy.

Channel4 is found active in two social media Instagram and Telegram.

Alexa Traffic Rank says the global rank of channel4 is 364758 and the rank in Iran is 10241.

93.5% of the total audiences are residing Iranian.

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