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Cuba is located in the northern Caribbean where the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico meet. The capital of Cuba is Havana, and it is the largest city, other major cities are Camagüey and Santiago de Cuba. The area of the Republic of Cub is 110,860 square kilometers.

The first newspaper in Cuba was Gazeta de la Habana and published in 1782. Cuba has various kinds of newspapers, and they publish almost all types of news. The updated list of newspapers in Cuba includes- Ahora, Escambray, Granma, Trabajadores, Invasor, EI Cubano Libre, Sierra Maestra, EI Habanero, Havaner Lebn, Diario de la Marina, 5 de Septiembre, Adelante, Kubaner Idish Wort, Venceremos, La Demajagua, Trabajadores, Escambray, Juventud Rebelde, Periódico 26 etc. Cuba offers magazines as well, and those are Vitral, Revista Bohemia, Vanidades, De Cuba, Tricontinental, etc.

Besides, there are some internet-based news media outlets are working as well. They provide with the latest news and information to the visitors. Some of the local best known internet-based media outlets are Marti, CubaNet,, Havana Times, Café Fuerte, Diario de Cuba, Presna latina, Juventud Rebelde, Cuba Encuentro, OnCuba, el Nuevo Herald, and many more.
Cuba first introduced television on October 25, 1950. Cuba’s most popular television stations are Cubavisión, Multivisión, Canal Educativo, Canal Educativo 2, Canal Habana, Cuba Información TV, Mesa Redonda Internacional, Canal Caribe, Tele Mayabeque, Islavisión, Centrovisión, Perlavisión, TV Avileña, Tele Cristal, CNCTV, etc.

Streaming radio stations are the easiest way to listen to your favorite music. Almost every nation in the world has many radio stations so as well as Cuba. The first radio station in Cuba was RHC Caneda Azul. In 1940, Cuba’s largest radio stations were RHC Caneda and CMQ. The most popular and updated list of the radio stations of Cuba are Radio Havana Cuba, Radio Reloj, CMQ, Radio Free Dixie, Radio Enciclopedia, Radio RMF Cuba, Radio La Cubanita, Radio Cadena Cuscatlan, RADIO HABANA SON CUBA, ZonaCubana Radio, Radio Florida, Radio Garcia-Serra, etc.

Cuba is an improved country, so it is an internet accessed country. It is also one of the most wired countries in the Caribbean. The web of Cuba is not as widely used as the other countries of the world. The internet users in Cuba is 30% of the population (2012). They can access the internet at home or anywhere they want via any devices. The internet speed in Cuba is quite fast, and the internet is widely available at a very affordable price. In 2015, the government of Cuba opened WIFI hotspots in 35 public locations. In 2016, 38.8% of the total population were internet users in Cuba. If you want to surf the web or check emails, want to know any information or communicate with people, there are plenty of options in Cuba. There are paid internet connection. Some of the prominent internet service providers in Cuba includes AT&T, Xfinity, Frontier, Visaset, Mediacom, HughesNet, Waldrop, etc.

Cuba is a quite developed country in the Caribbean. In the Republic of Cuba, telecommunication contains newspapers, online news media, magazines, television, radio, and internet. We can now clearly understand that Cuba is almost developed in telecom in the Caribbean. We can hope that the telecommunication of the country will be more easy to use in the future and everyone will have its advantages. One day, Cuba will also become one of the most advanced states of the world.

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