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Chile is a South American Country. The land area of Chile is 756,950 km², and the population is 18.05 million (2017). The capital city of Chile is Santiago.

The first newspaper of Chile was published in 1954, it was called Clarín, but it ended its circulation after two years. Moreover, there are various kinds of newspapers in Chile, and they release almost all types of news of their daily activities, events, or important announcements, and much other important news. The updated list of the newspapers of Chile is La Tercera, La Segunda, El Naveghable, El Siglo, La Nación, El Marino, El Expreso de la Costa, Las Últimas Noticias, El Sur, La Cuarta, El Rancagüino, El Mercurio, El Centro. Besides, there are some internet-based news media outlets are working as well. They provide with the latest news and information to the visitors. Some of the best known internet-based media outlets are The Santiago Times, La Cuarta, ‎Soy Chile, ‎ 24 Horas, Publimetro, La Tercera. Chile offers magazines as well. Top magazines of Chile include- Capital, Women’s magazine, Punto Final, Tú, teen magazine, Ecovisiones, El Periodista, Qué Pasa, Clinic, Mensaje, Ecovisiones.

The first television station in Chile was Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (UCV TV), and it was introduced in 1957. The other TV Station of Chile is- Chilevisión, Zona Latina, CDtv, Canal 13, Canal 24 Horas, Mega, TV+, CDtv, Telecanal, La Red, TVN.

Streaming radio stations are the easiest way to listen to your favorite music. Almost every country in the world has many radio stations so as well as Chile. The first radio station in Chile was Radio Uno, and its first air was on April 18, 2008.  The other popular radio stations are Corazón FM, Radio Cooperativa, Radio Concierto, Radio Imagina, Radio Duna, FM Dos, Radio Carolina, Play FM, Digital FM, Oasis FM, Radio Atardecer, Beethoven FM, Radio Nuevo Mundo.

Chile is one of the advanced countries in the world, so it is entirely internet accessed. It is well wired, and it is one of the most wired countries in the world. The internet users of Chile are 82.3% of the population (2017), and also it has increased by time. They can access the internet at home or anywhere via any device. The internet speed in Chile is quite fast, and the internet is widely available at a very affordable price. If you want to surf the web, check your email, want to know any information or communicate, there are plenty of options in Chile. There are many paid WIFI connections and many internet cafes. There are many internet service provider in Chile, and it includes- Entel, VTR, Telefónica Chile, Gtd Manquehue.

Chile is a nation in which’s population is 18.05 million (2017). This country is a few steps ahead in telecommunication, but also it is improving day by day. In the future, we can hope that this country will be more advanced and developed and people will have more opportunities for the telecommunication.




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