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French Guiana is an overseas department and a region of France. The land area of French Guiana is 83,534 km², and the population is 250,377 (January 1, 2014). The capital city of French Guiana is Cayenne.

There are various kinds of newspapers in French Guiana, and they release almost all types of news of their daily activities, events, or important announcements, and much other important news. The updated list of the newspapers of French Guiana is France Guyane, La Nación, El Sur, Blada. Besides, there are some internet-based news media outlets are working as well. They provide with the latest news and information to the visitors. Some of the best known internet-based media outlets are Coco News, Guya Web, France Guyane. French Guiana offers magazines as well. Top magazines of French Guiana include- MAGAZINES NEWS FRENCH GUIANA, BizCommunity.

Three television stations are serving 30,000 televisions in French Guiana.

Streaming radio stations are the easiest way to listen to your favorite music. Almost every country in the world has many radio stations so as well as French Guiana. 16 radio stations are operating in French Guiana those are two AM and 14 FM. The most popular radio stations of French Guiana are- Radio Jam Guyane, Fun Radio, Ouest FM Guyane, Trace FM, SAS Radio Guyane, Guyane 1ere, Fun Radio.

French Guiana is a developing country, so it is not entirely internet accessed. The number of internet users of French Guiana is 100,000 and 35.4% of the population (June 2017), and also it has increased by time. They can access the internet at home or anywhere via any device. The internet speed in French Guiana is fine, and the internet is widely available at a very affordable price. If you want to surf the web, check your email, want to know any information or communicate, there are plenty of options in French Guiana. There are many paid WIFI connections and many internet cafes. There is two internet service provider in French Guiana, and those are- OPT Temporary Landline rental, VSAT Satellite Broadband.

Telecommunication contains newspapers, radio, television, and the internet. Belize is quite improved from the way of telecommunications. In future French Guiana will be more developed in Telecommunications.






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