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Suriname is a small country in South America. The land area of Suriname is 163,821 km², and the population is 563,402 (2017). The capital city of Suriname is Paramaribo.

There are various kinds of newspapers in Suriname, and they release almost all types of news of their daily activities, events, or important announcements, and much other important news. The updated list of the newspapers of Suriname is Lam Foeng in Chinese, De West, e Ware Tijd, Times of Suriname, Suriname Herald, Dagblad Suriname. Besides, there are some internet-based news media outlets are working as well. They provide with the latest news and information to the visitors. Some of the best known internet-based media outlets are Star Nieuws, World News Suriname, Suriname Herald, Loop, Culturu, Waterkant. Suriname offers magazines, as well. Top magazines of Suriname include- Ebony, Culturu, HJ.

There are many television stations in Suriname, and those are- Radika TV channel, Garuda TV Channel, Pipel TV Channel, Rasonic TV Channel, Sargam Tv, Mustika TV channel, Trishul Channel, ABC TV.

Streaming radio stations are the easiest way to listen to your favorite music. Almost every country in the world has many radio stations so as well as Suriname. The first radio station of Suriname Radio 10 Magic. Its first air date was on December 10, 1996. The most popular radio stations of Suriname are- Apintie, Radio Garuda, Ampie’s Broadcasting Corporation, Radio Koyeba, Radio Radika, Radio Brasil Suriname, Radio Anjisa.

Suriname is an advanced country in the world, so it is almost internet accessed. It is well wired. The internet users of Suriname are 32.0% of the population (2011), but it has increased until today. They can access the internet at home or anywhere via any device. The internet speed in Suriname is fine, and the internet is widely available at a very affordable price. If you want to surf the web, check your email, want to know any information or communicate, there are plenty of options in Suriname. There are many paid WIFI connections and many internet cafes. There are many internet service providers in Suriname, and those are- Digicel Shop, Digicel, Devcomp NV.

In Suriname, telecommunication includes newspapers, television, radio, and internet, etc. Suriname is much eminent in the use of telecommunication of the world. Almost all kind of people on this island uses the advantages of telecommunication. By this, Suriname will gain prosperity and also will be more improved like the other advanced countries.

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