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The media outlet of Venezuela consists of different types of newspaper, internet-based news portal, television and radios. The media outlets try to provide the best and acceptable news and information for the audiences. However, the media landscape is divided into several parts. Besides, some of the media outlets are highly biased to the government. In opposite, the government has a strong command over the media house in the country.

Earlier, the government termed journalism as media terrorism for numerous issues. When the media outlets published news or events about the anti-government issues, the government tried to prevent them using the terms. It also created some barriers in the freedom of the media. To be frank, the media outlets in Venezuela are not free. They are strictly censored by the government. Whenever there are any approaches of such initiative, the government censors the news.

Majority of the media outlets are under the possession of private entities. Around 70 per cent of the media outlets like television and radio stations are owned by the private parties while only 5 per cent belongs to the government. The remaining portion belongs to various community organization. But the community organizations are pro-government. So, they never broadcast or publish any anti-government stories.

There are a couple of television channels available in the country. The government controls around five of the television channels. The television channels are widely popular in the country as they broadcast different types of news and information of public interest. Besides, some of the television programs are highly popular across the nation. A large number of audiences do not miss those shows and events.

The newspapers are also dominating in the country. The newspapers mostly provide the local and international news and information to the readers. The daily newspapers are the most preferred ones. But there are different other newspapers available as well. But the newspapers often criticize the government activities.

The number of radio stations is not remarkable. Some of the stations are under operation and they broadcast some local and international events alongside some recreational shows.

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