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New York
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New York Post

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One thought on “New York Post”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam

    Please be informed that the World Government, led by the USA, has invented and orchestrated the current conflict in Yemen. Although it has the capabilities (military, economic, financial, political, informational, etc.), it does not want to resolve this unprecedented crisis and achieve fair and sustainable peace, based on the legally approved terms of reference. Instead, it intends to perpetuate the conflict to serve its own evil ends.

    This worldwide totalitarian regime is also using the following secret weapons against the Yemeni people and other peoples around the world:
    – Directed energy weapons.

    – Electromagnetic mind control.

    – HAARP.

    Therefore, you are hereby earnestly requested to support the values of integrity, justice, and human rights.

    Best regards,

    A Voice from Yemen

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