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IGCC organises a musical evening of ‘EK NIRJHAR er GAAN’ by Moon, Sovvota, Leemon, and Fahmida Nabi

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Indira Gandhi Culture Centre is organising a musical evening of ‘EK NIRJHAR er GAAN’ by Moon, Sovvota, Leemon, and Fahmida Nabi as guest artist at Kobi Sufia Kamal Auditorium, Bangladesh National Museum, Shahbagh, Dhaka at 6.30 PM on 3 November, 2017, Friday.

‘Ek Nirjharer Gaan’ is a genre of contemporary Bangla Songs Initiated by a Enamul Karim Nirjhar with his lyrics and tunes. These songs tell us about the truths of our time, the poetry of life, shared moments, closeness, and uncountable emotions of life. Our hope, desire, dreams, emotions and despairs have been expressed through the rhythmic melodies.

E K Nirjhar’s first project ‘Ek Nirjhar er Gaan: 001’ was launched with a collection of 101 songs which brought together 43 singers and 9 music designers of Bangladesh. From among them, three singers namely Autumnal Moon, Rezaul Karim Leemon and Karishma Sanu Sovvota will perform contemporary Bangla songs and Fahmida Nabi will also join as guest artist to enhance the essence of the evening.

A man of multifaceted talents, E K Nirjhar is also a well known architect and filmmaker by profession. He is the owner of SYSTEM Architects which has created some unique eye opening projects in the country.

As an architect he has achieved JK cement architect of the year award in 2007 and Berger award for excellence in architecture in 2013. As a filmmaker he has received National Award for his film ‘AHA!’ released in 2007.

In music he has worked for another collaborative initiative called ‘Gaanshala’. E K Nirjhar strongly believes in the process of collaborations through music for a more meaningful world and recently started a new journey EK NIRJHAR COLLABORATIONS by which he wants to connect with the new generation to stimulate them to discover, understand and appreciate life.

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