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Migration to Germany as a Physician: The Process in-Details…

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If you’re trying to migrate yourself to Germany as a physician or doctor, you have to know the process. And unfortunately, the process is not easy at all. It is absolutely a complex process. Especially for doctors with MBBS as this diploma is bachelors diploma while European diploma for doctors is M.D. which is a masters diploma.

The process begins with an application for equivalency and degree verification with Lagesso. They will verify the degree and the subjects covered during medical studies along with the number of hours studied in each topic. If they think your studies are the same as German or you have studied in the EU or some Arabic countries, then you are given permission to sit for FSP.

After you pass FSP candidates from these countries can directly apply for Approbation (permanent license). If you haven’t studied in EU or some specific Arabic countries, most probably they will decide that your studies are not equal and then you have to join German medical university and make-up the deficit and pass national board exam with other Germans. Sometimes they allow candidates with many years of job experience to sit for FSP.

However, candidates who studied from countries other the ones mentioned above, after passing FSP gets permission to practice for two years max for preparation for the medical Knowledge exam. They get three chance to pass this exam, if unsuccessful, their carrier in medicine in Germany ends. Doctors from the EU do not need to pass this exam.

Their knowledge is considered equal to German and that’s why they only need to prove their language capabilities. None of these exams is just viva. Viva is one part of it same as any other medical exams in Europe. In FSP you are given one patient. you have to take his case history, write complete case note and then you have to present the case to two other senior doctors and discuss the treatment plan. The knowledge exam is a completely different beast.

They test all your medical, pre-clinical and clinical knowledge, the viva itself is taken by three head of the department and at the very least lasting for three hours. However, there are 23 medical councils in 16 German states. Sometimes a candidate after failing three times in one state simply apply for FSP in a different state and do not tell them about his previous failing, thus getting two more years of job opportunity.

This is not legal and if they get caught, they might get into legal trouble. Well, the process is, in reality, more complex in nature but this is just an overview.

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